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Welcome to Education Technology World View

Commentary and links to related information resources 
concerning current ICTE Conference topics and themes

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International Education News from Education Week
The best education articles this week from newspapers around the world, updated every Wednesday. 

Education Week's Technology in Education Special Reports
Education Week's  regularly appearing "Technology Page," including numerous news stories and feature articles, providing in-depth coverage of the impact of technology on schools, teachers, and students. 

Education Week -- Mar 20, 2002 -- of continuing interest
Our Technology Future
If we're wired, why aren't we transforming learning?  Why does technology in the classroom seem to have such trouble living up to its potential of improving the learning process?  Is the issue appropriate hardware, teacher training, appropriate software/content, or are other factors involved?

Education Week -- International Section
Education Week's International Page
Education Week's International Page examines education trends and developments around the world. Browse the collection of international stories.

Forbes Magazine
The Great American Textbook Scandal
How do school districts review, evaluate, and select instructional materials including textbooks and computer software? How carefully are instructional materials reviewed for accuracy? How are instructional materials marketed to school systems by publishers? This article from Forbes Magazine should be required reading for every school administrator and textbook committee responsible for evaluating and purchasing instructional materials.

Technology Update
Report: U.S. schools lack E-learning policies...

Federal Study Details Barrier To Internet Learning
A US federal panel has concluded that the World Wide Web can be shaped into a vibrant educational tool serving all learners if more money is devoted to research and development and if governments clear away many conflicting and obsolete rules.  
Web-based Web Commission Report


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Schools Should Plan and Budget for Maintenance of Computers 
and Related Systems

Planning and budgeting for upgrading and maintenance of computer systems is an important part of any computer purchase, whether by a business or a school system.  Most businesses that use computer systems plan for expenditures for maintenance and system upgrades over the useful life of a computer system.  A typical appropriate amount for maintenance over a three-year period would amount to approximately one third of the initial price of a computer system.  And as computer hardware prices have dropped in the past year or two, the cost for maintenance and upgrades expressed as a percentage of the initial system cost has increased, since maintenance and service is a people-intensive activity, and salaries remain the same or increase even though computer system prices continue to drop. 

Unfortunately, planning for maintenance and upgrades is something that many school systems fail to take into account in their technology programs.  The following article from a 1999 issue of Forbes Magazine remains relevant.

Forbes Magazine
Johnny's Computer Doesn't Boot

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Technological Horizons in Education Magazine   T.H.E. Journal is a well known publication for technology-using educators in the US and Canada, with a large circulation to educational institutions.  THE Journal has been a supporter and co-sponsor of ICTE for over ten years.  We very much appreciate the continuing commitment to support of the ICTE Conference by THE Journal, and by Sylvia Charp, Cheri Edwards, Wendy La Duke, and other staff members of THE Journal.  THE Journal's web site is at

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Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network  SCRAN served as a co-sponsor of the ICTE Europe / Edinburgh 1999 Conference in March 1999. The Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network maintains an extensive web-based collection of resources in support of Scottish education. SCRAN is fully searchable and presents thumbnails freely to all. Education users may become full members and access enhanced materials. Of particular interest to educators is the SCRAN Curriculum Navigator, which can be accessed from the SCRAN home page.

THE Journal is focused to a large extent on North America.  The Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network is based in Scotland, with a focus on resources in Scotland and in the UK. ETWV will be adding several resources over the next few months that represent additional European, Asian, and other resources.

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One interesting world wide web resource is maintained by Shinji Masui in Kobe, Japan.  In 1996, Mr. Chong Moon Lee, Chairman of Diamond Multimedia Systems Inc., the well-known developer and manufacturer of multimedia and connectivity products for IBM compatible PCs and modems for Apple Macintosh computers, generously provided a grant to ICTE to support travel and attendance of selected Asian teachers -- C M Lee Scholars -- at ICTE New Orleans 1996, the 13th annual ICTE Conference.  One of the 24 C M Lee Scholars, Shinji Masui from Kobe, Japan,  produced a web site that documented his experiences at ICTE New Orleans 1996. During the time since the New Orleans Conference, Shinji has continued to add to the web site, maintaining it as a continually-evolving web-based resource for students and teachers that illustrates an interesting variety of ideas for use of the world wide web with students.

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Education Technology World View makes available selected education technology information resources, supported cooperatively by various organizations.  The contents of ETWV will change from time to time, and will be guided by (1) areas of interest as indicated by current and recent ICTE Conference Themes, (2) areas of interest expressed by ICTE participants, co-sponsors, and cooperating organizations, and (3) new or interesting developments related to education and technology that may have an interest to ICTE participants.

ICTE encourages your suggestions and comments regarding ETWV; future configurations of this resource and the topics addressed will be guided to a large extent by suggestions and information on areas of interest provided by ICTE participants.

ETWV is not intended to be a comprehensive information resource, but rather is intended to reflect significant trends, innovations, and directions in uses of technology and education in the classroom that may be of interest to ICTE participants.  To this end, ETWV will also provide access to selected general resources that address current issues and trends in education and the uses of technology in teaching and learning that may be of interest.

ICTE and ETWV express our appreciation to Education Week for their support. Education Week is American education's newspaper of record.  It provides the most comprehensive coverage of K-12 news and trends on the national, state, and local level - from assessment to inclusion to vouchers.  For complete education news coverage, links to education news headlines from across the nation, and in-depth analysis of the hottest education topics, visit

ICTE and ETWV express our appreciation to Forbes Mazazine for permission to link to selected education-related articles.  (


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