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Section 2 -- Listing by Themes, Paper Titles, Paper ID's, Presenters

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 the Tampa series is complete

Theme Paper Title Paper ID Presenters Institution Country
Plenary The US Navy's Move into the New Millennium: Issues with Skills, Education, and New Technologies 


Learning Methodology Reference Document

-- Dr. Linda Fenty

James Brewer


Mike O'Neal

Mike Burke

  Global Insights, Inc.

  Naval Surface Warfare
  Port Hueneme,

  Naval Sea Systems
  Washington, D.C.

  Novonics Corporation
  Washington, D.C.

Towards Convergence in the Perceptions of Uninformed End-Users of CALL Software and the Marketability Concerns of Software Developers 281 Charles Asante Language Centre, Sultan Qaboos University Oman
Social Cohesion Through Higher Education in Marginal Areas: Online Learing Through Collaboration 341 Philip Crompton University of Stirling UK
The Use of the WWW to Teach the Concepts of Sketching and Rendering for Design Communication 191 Wei Dong University of Wisconsin-Madison USA
Faculty and Computer Support Personnel: A Less than Perfect Union. Why is That? 175 Robert DuCharme, Jack W. Pope, Tim Riggle Division of Business Administration, Baldwin-Wallace College USA
Using CAI and Analogies in Teaching Mole-Related Problems 264 Omer Geban, Hamide Ertepman, Ilker Ozkan Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Education Turkey
Educational Resources and Economic Reality: Shareware and Freeware to Support Teaching 177 Sam C. Geonetta University of Cincinnati USA
Astronomy Online for Teachers 174 Monica Halka Portland State University USA
Directions, Development and Delivery of Online C++ 171 Linda Hayes, Marybeth Atwill, Sharon Johnston The Florida High School USA
The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, an Evolving International Model Program and Case Study of Implementing Online Learning Environment in a Distance Education Setting for Volunteers 167 Arthur Johnson U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters, Office of Auxiliary USA
Computer Users and The Need for A Multimedia Interface Design 168 Maria Lorna A. Kunnath University of Central Florida USA
Waiting for Service: A New Approach to an Old Problem 231 John McDonnell Queensland University of Technology Australia
An Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior: Nursing Students' Intentions to Seek Clinical Experiences Using the Essential Clinical Behaviour Database 339 Linda Meyer Purdue University USA
Learning Style Preferences and Teaching Thinking Strategies applied on Teaching Information Skills 288 Ponce Meza Miriam La Salle University Mexico
CROSS-Connect, cross border curriculum enrichment 259 Roger Murray, Kate O'Dubhchair , Sarah Quilty Magee College, University of Ulster UK
Information Education in the Department of Elementary Education - Education for Visual Communication 289 Kazuko Nagae, Satomi Kawafuti Kanto Junior College Japan
Preparing for the 21st Century: Professional Development Efforts for University Faculty and K-12 Teachers 176 Blanche O'Bannon, D. Rosalind Hammond, Ellen Williams, Sandra K. McKinley Bowling Green State University USA
Advisor Support System for Distance Education 172 Boris Peltsverger, Arvind Shah Georgia Southwestern State University USA
A Multimedia Training Paradigm 209 T. J. Ray The University of Mississippi USA
An Analysis of Inservice Professional Development Models Used to Support the Integration of Multimedia Anchored Instruction 187 Herbert Rieth, Charles Kinzer The University of Texas at Austin USA
1 The New Technologies Applied to Education in Brazil: Challenges for the Teacher 322 Elzo Aranha Centro Universitario Nove de Julho-UNINOVE Brazil
1 Lifelong Learning in the New Millennium 153 Philip Barker University of Teesside UK
1 Enhanced Learning Through Web-Based Team and Individual Projects 118 Charles R. Bauer Illinois Institute of Technology USA
1 K-12 Teacher Use of the WWW in Classrooms 106 Morris I Beers SUNY Brockport, Dept. of Education USA
1 Using Digital Photography with Emergent Readers 223 Ruth M. Bell Holt Public Schools USA
1 Use of the Internet to Facilitate Face-To-Face Instruction 315 John E. Bell Michigan State University USA
1 The Influence of the Word Processor on the Writer 278 Marcus Bowman University of Paisley Scotland
1 The Educational New Millennium: Consequences of Outsourcing Human Capabilities to Technology 127 John Lew Cox The University of West Florida USA
1 China's Electronic Silk Road: Its Potential for Profound Educational Impact 126 John Lew Cox The University of West Florida USA
1 Engaging Assessment 215 Christine Franklin, B. J. Eib Educators' Technology Center of Indiana USA
1 A Graphical Highly Interactive Interface for Learning Physics 332 I Gabriilidis, Christine Metaxaki-Kossionides University of Athens Greece
1 Vectors in Physics and Mathematics 247 Maria Grigoriadou, Maria Samarakou, D. Mitropoulos, A. Rigoutsos, E. Stavridou, C. Solomonidou University of Athens, Department of Informatics Greece
1 Use of Information Technology as the Teaching & Learning Tool: A Case Study of Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania 180 Punnipa Hossain Lock Haven University of PA USA
1 Utilizing Videoconferencing to Enhance Foreign Language Instruction 123 Kathleen Huggard-McKinney Tropical Elementary School USA
1 Developing a Web-Based Database for an Elementary School Library 134 Grace E. Jamieson Calabash Educational Software Canada
1 Computer programming in schools - pedagogical issues 272 Margaret Kirkwood University of Strathclyde, Faculty of Education, Dept. of Business-Computer Education UK
1 Teaching Information Skills: Preparing Graduate Students to Understand and Use Information Technologies for Solving Workplace Problems and Managing Change 183 Barbara J. Levine Robert Morris College USA
1 The Effectiveness of Computer Aided Instruction in Quantitative Techniques for Business Management 316 Andrea Bagares Mangundayao, John Mefragata Concordia College Philippines
1 Change and the Power of You: Personally and Organizationally Managing the Educational Challenges of the New Millennium 303 P. Rudy Mattai, Walter S. Polka Buffalo State College USA
1 Funding Your Technology Program: Challenges and Opportunities 188 Lyndon McClure, Leslie Mock Dallas County Community College District USA
1 Social Work Education and Technology: Preparing for a Future which is Here Now 217 Pam Miller Ball State University USA
1 New Technologies in Secondary Education for Rural Areas: An advanced analysis based on a set of experiments integrating Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) in rural educational environments 296 Lydia Montandon SEMA GROUP SAE Spain
1 Making More of Data-logging 257 Len Newton Department of Education, Loughborough University UK
1 Old Dogs and New Tricks: Why Old Guard Faculty are Resistant to the Use of IT in Higher Education 163 Merrill Oates Central European University Hungary
1 Student Technology Training Necessary Prior to Incorporating New Technology-Based Instruction Into the Classroom 185 Brian K. Overman, Nancy A. Kosteleba Luzerne County Community College USA
1 The Effective Implementation of Technology: A Focus on Contemporary Literature and Research on the Human Side of Change 302 Walter S. Polka Lewiston-Porter Central Schools USA
1 The Nintendo Generation: Success in Education for the Next Century 319 C. E. Tapie Rohm, Jr., James Stanger, C. E. Tapie Rohm, III, B/ W/ Trevor Rohm California State University -- San Bernardino USA
1 Integrating Critical Thinking into Web Courses 213 Barbara Ann Ross, Sarah Beckman Indiana University School of Nursing Columbus USA
1 Strong Preferences for Using Multimedia-Oriented Classroom Lectures 165 David Scanlan California State University USA
1 Creative Learning Strategies in Cyberspace 218 Nancy E. Sherman, Colin P. Ward Bradley University USA
1 Coming of Age with Computers 161 Sally A. Sloan, Ph.D. Winona State University USA
1 The Effect of Computer Attitudes and State Anxiety on Computer-Based Testing 101 Carol Sternberger Purdue University USA
1 Building an Instructional Intranet 186 Joseph Sulkowski School District, City of Erie USA
1 Introducing Computer-Based Learning into Existing "Traditional" Classes 248 Konstantinos Tarabanis, Charalampos Karagiannidis Department of Business Administration, University of Macedonia Greece
1 Using Portable Spell Checkers to Develop Literacy in the Primary Years 255 C. A. Taylor University of Exeter UK
1 USA National Education Technology Standards 113 Lajeane Thomas Louisiana Tech University USA
1 Interactive Technologies in the Classroom 144 Barton D. Thurber, Jack W. Pope University of San Diego USA
1 The Use of a Television Game Show Format for Reviewing Course Materials 140 James C. Wall University of South Alabama
Physical Therapy Dept.
1 Raising Literacy Standards via the use of Electronic Communication and Presentation 254 Peter R. Weston ICT Unit UK
1 The Marketing Case Tutor: An Interactive Web-Based Learning Resource 133 T. Rick Whiteley West Virginia State College
Dept. of Business Administration
1 The European SchoolNet: A European Framework for School Computer Networks 323 Guus N. M. Wijngaards
1 Teachers' ICT skills and knowledge needs: a recent study in Scottish schools 270 Dorothy Williams, Kay Wilson, Louisa Coles The Robert Gordon University UK
1 On-line Internet Based Data Collection Using a Personal Web Server 129 Robert Workman, Ellen Beatty, Zachary Beatty Southern Connecticut State University USA
2 Design of Local Cultural and National Heritage Programs 235 Fatima H. Al-Ahmed University of Bahrain Bahrain
2 Design and Develop EPSS for Legacy Software 124 Beatriz Beltran United Bible Societies USA
2 Networked projects in a distributed university 277 Liz Broumley University of the Highlands & Islands
Scottish Further Education Unit
2 Some Simple Examples of Using Web Technologies to Enhance Science Education 293 Horn-Mun Cheah National Instutute of Education Singapore
2 Web-Authoring Using Netobjects Fusion 210 Jerald D. Cole New York Institute of Technology USA
2 The Impact of Mentoring on Women's Selection of Information Technology as a Career 104 Kijana Crawford Rochester Institute of Technology USA
2 Smile - A Sign Language and Multimedia Based Interactive Language Course for Deaf for the Training of European Written Languages 137 Franz Dotter University of Klagenfurt Austria
2 Implementing Telelearning Systems in Rurla Scotland and Newfoundland -- Some Policy Implications 317 Jennie Dowling, Norman Coutts, Jim Ewing, Ken Stevens Northern College UK
2 Policies and Strategies to Enhance Learning Through Information Technologies 292 David T. Forrest South Lanarkshire Council UK
2 Wireless Gives Teachers Access When They Need It, Not When It's Available 151 Michael Green, Jack Piel, Jeannie Turner UNC - Charlotte
Dept. of Reading & Elementary Education
2 Rapid Deployment of Web-based Instructional Resources: Keys to the Successful Implementation of WebCT at the University of Georgia 173 William K. Jackson The University of Georgia USA
2 What's In IT for Me? Implementation Strategies to Enhance Girls' Use of ICT 320 Mona Jakobsen, Marianne Jensen Telenor Research and Development Norway
2 The Beacon School Cyber-Mentoring Project 340 Chris Lehmann The Beacon School USA
2 Student IT Induction for the Millienial Society: Tweaking the Learning Culture 271 Allan Martin University of Glasgow UK
2 Implementing IT into the School Curriculum: Perspectives and Experiences from Singapore 263 Rosalind Y. Mau Nanyang Technological University
2 From Victorian Schools to the Millenium 258 Elizabeth Newby Liverpool City Council (Education Directorate) UK
2 Planning to get what technology promises - why strategic considerations are critical 225 Bill Samuelson, Karen Hoffman Samuelson-Hoffman, Technology Performance Strategies USA
3 Developing Educational Web Sites for the Classroom 299 Richard J. Alexander Los Alamos National Laboratory - Science and Technology Base Programs USA
3 S.E.A.L. - Actual Improvement in and New Perspectives on Future Teaching Computing 232 Andreas Ausserhofer Institute for Software Technology/Technical University of Graz Austria
3 Reading the Front Page: Delivery of a Graduate Readings Class on the Web using Front Page '98 204 Lessell Martiny (Marty) Bray The University of North Carolina at Charlotte USA
3 A Visual Tool for Teaching Programming 335 Juan Pablo Casares Institute Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico Mexico
3 The design of Intelligent software for Early Childhood Education 266 Isabel Diaz de Avila Universidad Complutense de Madrid Spain
3 A Comparison of a Website-Construction Pedagogy with a Traditional Pedagogy 143 Donald B. Egolf, Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh
Department of Communication
3 Writing Computer Textbooks 139 Linda Ericksen Lane Community College
Business Technology Department
3 Toward a Design Model of Educational Hypermedia 233 Adriana Claudia Fantini, Marta Dans Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia "San Juan Bosco" Argentina
3 A Web Pre-Authoring Tool for the Development of Hypermedia Courses 238 Clovis Torres Fernandes Technological Institute of Aeronautics - ITA Brazil
3 The Effectiveness of Web-Based Tutorials 119 Eugenia Fernandez Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis USA
3 Streaming Media as a Tool for Clinical Education in Communicaton Disorders 205 Martin A. Fischer Western Carolina University USA
3 Accessibility of Higher Education Web Sites 309 Claudia Flowers, Marty Bray, Robert Algozzine UNC Charlotte USA
3 Structuring a Dialogue on the WWW Using Cognition Differentiations 331 D. Hasiotis, Christine Metaxaki-Kossionides, S Lialiou University of Athens Greece
3 Digital Photography and Multimedia Presentations in Elementary School Projects 131 Suzanne H. Hoffmann Sanford School USA
3 Using the Internet to Facilitate Teaching 306 Marcia R. Howard University of West Florida
College of Business
3 Socrates in the New Millennium: Hypermedia Applications 307 W. Gary Howard, Holly A. Howard University of West Florida USA
3 Using Hyperstudio Standards to Teach Interactive Multimedia Courseware Design and Development 311 Dane Hughes, John Gertes University of North Carolina Charlotte, College of Education USA
3 Quality of Campus Life, Learning Satisfaction & the Relationship with Academic Achievement: A Comparative Study Between Computer Science Students in Public and Private Institutions of Higher Learning 155 Maimunah Ismail Universiti Putra Malaysia Malaysia
3 TELELABORATORY: A Generic Approach to Distributed Protocol Measurement 156 Philippe Joye Ecole d'Ingenieurs de Fribourg (Switzerland) Switzerland
3 Debugging Training for Beginning Programmers 326 Greg C. Lee, Jackie C. Wu National Taiwan Normal University Republic of China
3 Computer Assisted Education: Past, Present and Future. Where Should These Projects Be Headed To in Latin America? 336 Marisol Gonzalez Lozano Institute Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico Mexico
3 TECHNOLOGY a la carte 115 Mary Jo Milburn Jefferson County Public Schools USA
3 Using Technology to Enhance Literacy Learning Across the Curriculum in an Inclusion Classroom 110 Margaret A. Moore-Hart Eastern Michigan University USA
3 In-Service Teachers' Attitudes Towards Virtual Reality Learning Environments 229 Eugenia Nikolou, Panayiotis Tsakalis University of Ioannina Greece
3 Learning Outcomes in Information Systems Development: A Learner-Centered View 135 Athanasia Pouloudi, Lynne P. Baldwin Brunel University UK
3 Technology in Business Education: Emergence of the Learning Manager 145 William T. Ryan Florida Atlantic University, College of Business, USA
3 Effective Integrated Multimedia Educational Software for RES 226 Maria Samarakou, Maria Grigoriadou, D. Mitropoulos Technological Educational Institute of Athens Greece
3 Adult Learning Preferences in a Computer Course: Demystifying a Complex Process 195 Sally Shumard, Nancy Scott, Kim Guthrie Virginia Commonwealth University, School of the Arts USA
3 Teacher-Oriented Authoring Tool for the Development of Web-Based Educational Material 249 Kostas Siassiakos National Technical University of Athens Greece
3 Integrating Interactive Multimedia into the Curriculum 269 Sally Smith, Sandra Cairncross Napier University UK
3 Storyboarding for Multimedia 102 Carol Sternberger, Linda Meyer Purdue University USA
3 An Image Library on the World Wide Web 109 Jack Sullivan University of Maryland USA
3 Geometry On-line 301 David A. Thomas Montana State University USA
3 Examining Staff Development in Technology: A Descriptive Study 201 Ward Brian Zimmerman, Sara Olin Zimmerman, Alan Wark EnterpriZ Consulting USA
4 Delivering the Curriculum Remotely 279 Veronica Adamson University of the Highlands & Islands Project UK
4 Information and Communication Technology Supporting Early Professional Development for Teachers: Policy, into Products, into Practice 253 John Anderson, Byron Evans Department of Education for Northern Ireland N. Ireland
4 BUGNET: Teaching Entomology On-Line 240 Paul D. Bell Sir Sandford Fleming College Canada
4 Moving Into Cyberspace: Notes from a University's Web Gestation 318 Stephen Bell Liverpool John Mores University UK
4 Reflections on Web-Based Distance Education Courses in Technical Fields: Designing a Hall of Mirrors 158 J. S. Boyce, Inez Giles Montgomery College; University of Maryland University College USA
4 Creating a University Distributed Learning Environment: Challenges and Successes 338 Terence R. Cannings, Linda G. Polin Pepperdine University -- Graduate School of Education and Philosophy USA
4 Distance Learning Readiness: A Cross-Cultural Comparison 230 Gayre Christie, David Warner Queensland University of Technology Australia
4 Eyes to the Future 198 Brian Drayton, Joni Falk TERC USA
4 ICT as a Mediator for Reflection in Action 321 Knut Steinar Engelsen Stord/Haugesund College Norway
4 Teaching Flexible Learning and Learning Flexible Teaching 328 Ed Forrest, Terry Garfield, Nigel Pope Griffith University -- Nathan Campus Australia
4 Examining the Pedagogy of Flexible Learning in Higher Education as a Meta-Constructavist Vehicle for Student Learning and the Need to Examine the Role of Student Assessment 329 Terry Gatfield, Ed Forrest, Nigel Pope Griffith University -- Nathan Campus Australia
4 ART 180 Drawing: A CD-Rom/Internet/Multimedia Distance Learning Course 181 Frederick T. Gilmour Pennsylvania College of Technology USA
4 Getting Beyond Student Techno-Anxiety: Resistance is Futile 199 Kevin M. Gleason Mount Ida College USA
4 Collaborative, distance learning: can be applied for special education? 242 Eleni Hadjikakou Ministry of Education and Culture Cyprus
4 Internet-Based Continuing Education: Exploring Interest, Access, and Skill Levels Among Substance Abuse Counselors 325 Marilyn Herie Centre for Addiction & Mental Health Canada
4 Instruction Anywhere/Anytime: Using Windows NT to Provide Instructional Support for College of Education Courses 312 Dane Hughes, Michael Green, Marty Bray, Claudia Flowers, John Gertes University of North Carolina Charlotte, College of Education USA
4 Project R.U.N. 220 Kim Isner, Mary Jo Milburn, Maritta Belcher Pike County School System USA
4 Meeting the Continuing Education Needs of General and Special Education Teachers Through Distance Learning 122 Mary Beth Janes, Ph.D., ATP Indiana University, Institute for the Study of Developmental Disabilities USA
4 The "Reider" Project 285 Terje Kristensen Bergen College Norway
4 Interactive Teaching and Learning on the Internet 166 Nancy E. Krusen Colorado State University USA
4 Using the Web to Support Collaborative Learning 260 Ernesto Laval University of Bristol/Universidad de La Frontera UK
4 Adaptive Lesson Presentation Based on Connectionist Knowledge Representation 250 George D. Magoulas, Maria Grigoriadou, K. A. Papanikolaou University of Athens, Department of Informatics Greece
4 Flexible Learning in An Accelerated Computer Science Program 216 Jim Miller, Jiang B. Liu Bradley University USA
4 A Computer-Networked Lab System for Conducting Experiments from Remote Sites in a Multi-User Environment for Distance Learning Applications 208 G. P. Mohanty, U. B. Bikkasani University of North Carolina at Charlotte USA
4 Web Mathematics Textbook 291 Vladimir Nodelman Pedagogical Center for Research and Development, Ort, Israel Israel
4 Structured learning material in the WWW - controlled hypertext 245 Timo Ovaskainen, Pertti Siekkinen University of Jyvaskyla, Information Technology Research Institute, Educational Technology Finland
4 Flexible-Distance Learning and Virtual College 333 A Pappadaki, Christine Metaxaki-Kossionides University of Athens Greece
4 An Examination of the Use of Peer Rating for Formative Assessment in the Context of Interactive Education 330 Nigel Pope, Ed Forrest, Terry Garfield Griffith University -- Nathan Campus Australia
4 A Web-based Learning System for Reinforcing School Education 228 Symeon Retalis, Kostas Kavoussanakis National Technical University of Athens Greece
4 Integration of New Technologies into a Learning Environment 234 Maria Begona Rodriguez, Patricia Bazan Universidad Nacional de la Plata Argentina
4 Study Support Systems in Open and Flexible Learning Environments: A Case History 246 Merja Ruotsalainen, Tarja Tervola University of Oulu, Faculty of Education, Research Unit for Educational Technology Finland
4 Teaching Francophone Literature and Culture across Campuses: A Distance Learning Experiment 103 Anthony T. Sallustio Pace University USA
4 Distance education combining videoconference and compuer conference 265 Lars Sandblom University of Orebro Sweden
4 Synchronous Internet Technologies in Distance Education 132 Paul L. Schlieve, Michael P. Gilbert University of North Texas USA
4 A Discussion of Distance Education Models 108 Tom Seymour Minot State University USA
4 Collaborative Learning in Virtual Contexts. Representation, Reflection and Didactic Change 244 Elsebeth Korsgaard Sorensen Aalborg University Department of Communication Denmark
4 Use of Synchronous Communications in Educational Process 227 Mazarakos Stamatios, Kremmyda Spyricoula, Michalis Panagiotou, Kremmyda Spyriidoula 01 Pliroforiki S.A. Greece
4 Teaching and Learning the Web Using the Web - Learning Outcomes 243 Vasso Stylianou-Kyriacou, Philippos Pouyioutas Intercollege Cyprus
4 The Learning Resource Center's Role in Facilitating Online Curriculum 203 Luella Teuton, Carol Sargent Sandhills Community College USA
4 A new concept for distance education courses for students of electrical engineering 251 Dirk Thissen University of Hagen Germany
4 Tools for Web-Based Distance Education 313 Vladimir Uskov University of Cincinnati USA
4 An Interactive Format for Distance Learning 120 David M. Williamson Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis USA
4, 7 Evaluating Online Instruction: A Higher Education Example 297 Edward L. Meyen University of Kansas USA
5 Statistical Hypothesis Testing: A Fantasy 154 Vaughn S. Buaquina Technological University of the Philippines
The Graduate School
5 Use of ODL and ICT in the teaching of migration studies 283 D. D. Daatland Stavanger College Norway
5 Digital Arts Learning Center @ Ghost Ranch: Creating Digital Assets for Museum and Public Education Resources 164 Patricia Roberts, Melinda Hess, Cheryl Muceus Convivial Design Studios USA
5 A JAVA Based Image Library Client 290 Bob Strunz, Mairead Waters University of Limerick, Dept. ITD Ireland
5 The Y2K Dilemma and Beyond 114 Joseph R. Thomas, Jr. Louisiana Tech University USA
5 Videoconferencing between Norway and the United States in education courses 287 Ragnar Thygesen, Clayton E. Keller Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Dept. of Education
5 Pioneering a Web-Based Science Museum in Taiwan: Design and Implementation of Life-Long Distant Learning of Science Education 280 Shwu-Ching Young National Tsing Hua University, Hsin-Chu, Taiwan Rep. of China
6 A Collection of Signs Proposed for Presenting Tridimensional Structures of Proteins 136 Liliane Assairi CNRS (Centre National Recherche Scientifique) France
6 Virtual Departments in a Virtual University: What the Future Looks Like 112 Dale Good Walden University USA
6 Teaching in the Virtual Classroom 157 Philippe Joye Ecole d'Ingenieurs de Fribourg (Switzerland) Switzerland
6 "Now What???" 189 David A. Medlyn Utah State University USA
6 Developing a Virtual Training Center for Faculty and Staff Development 184 Mary J. Nicholson Bloomsburg University USA
6 Virtual Reality: Exploring New Spaces 146 Joseph C. Roache Instructional Media Cente and Distance Learning Programs USA
6 Building a Partnership for Successful WWW Courses 192 William Winfield University of Wisconsin Learning Innovations USA
7 The Technology Certificate: An In-Service Training Program 224 Norman Bell, John E. Bell Michigan State University USA
7 The Fifth Dimension: Application of Situativity Theory Inquiry-Based Learning and Telecommunications to Change Prospective Teachers' Preconceptions 150 William E. Blanton Appalachian State University USA
7 Prospects and Possibilities: The Capstone Course in an M.Ed in Classroom Technology 178 Gregg Brownell, Blanche O'Bannon Bowling Green State University USA
7 Shaping Information Technology Policy and Practice in Pre-Service Teacher Education 138 Alison Elliott University of Western Sydney
School of Learning, Development and Early Education
7 Computer Supported Interactive Learning in Teacher Education 276 Jim Ewing Northern College, Department of Educational Studies, Dundee Campus UK
7 Teacher Development: A Lost Art? 194 David H. Gray US State Dept. USA
7 A Clearinghouse for Fifth Dimension Diffusion 206 Melanie Greene Appalachian State University USA
7 Infusing Technology into A Teacher Education Program: Three Different Perspectives 182 Nicholas A. Holodick, Thomas A. Drazdowski, F. Thomas Scappaticci King's College USA
7 A Model for In-Service Teacher Training in Technology Integration 298 Dolores B. Jacobs Los Alamos National Laboratory USA
7 How Do Educators Find Internet Resources? 149 John LeBaron, Patrick A. Scollin University of Massachusetts Lowell
College of Education
7 Preservice and Inservice Training Model 207 Sandra L. Leslie Belmont Abbey College USA
7 Content Knowledge Requirements for High-School Computer Teachers in Taiwan 274 Janet Mei-Chuen Lin, Ching-Chih Wu, Feng-Ying Lin National Taiwan Normal University Taiwan
7 An interactive learning tool, used in introduction to ICT for teachers 284 Svein Ove Lysne, Jostein Tvedte Stord/Haugesund College Norway
7 Optimizing Technology Experiences in Preservice Teacher Education Programs 117 Constance Pollard, Richard Pollard Boise State University USA
7 Establishing a Community of Learners Through Technology 116 Richard Pollard, Constance Pollard University of Idaho, Boise Center USA
7 Survey on Use of Assistive Technology and Implications for Teacher Education 214 Lewis Polsgrove, Herbert Rieth Indiana University USA
7 Mentoring our Mentors: Helping Faculty Use Instructional Technology 160 James W. Reineke, Ph.D. Winona State University USA
7 From Teaching to Learning 236 Philippe Renard Haute Ecole Lucia de Brouckere Bruxelles
7 Technology Integraton in Teacher Education 222 Tom Stachowski St. Cloud State University USA
7 A Model for Pre-Service and In-Service Teacher Technology Education 219 Mary Stephen Harris-Stowe State College USA
7 Math Link: Linking Curriculum, Instructional Strategies, Technology, and Assessment to Enhance Student Achievement 221 Harriet G. Taylor, Trena L. Wilkerson Louisiana State University USA
7 Assessing Technology Competence: A Portfolio Approach 111 Michael D. Wohlfeil Concordia College USA
7 The Assessment Comparison of Transforming Instructional Technology 101 into a Webquest 179 D. G. Wood Northeastern State University USA
7 The Use of Computer-Mediated Communication for Teacher Education in Taiwan 327 Cheng-Chih Wu, Greg C. Lee, Mei-Chuen Lin National Taiwan Normal University Republic of China
7 Online Mentoring: Electronic Dialogues for Preservice Teachers 202 Sara Olin Zimmerman, Richard Riedl, Laurie Palmer Appalachian State University USA
7, 1 Combating Cyber-amorality in the College Student 300 Patricia Ann Brock Pace University USA
8 Meaningful Mentoring 334 Beverly Abbey Texas A & M University -- Commerce USA
8 Gender and Technology: Collaborative Action Research 295 Alice A. Christie, Richard Flagle Arizona State University West USA
8 Case study: work placement module as a vehicle for developing industry/education partnerships 273 Janet Hughes, Steve Parkes Department of Applied Computing, University of Dundee UK
8 European Learning in Smaller Companies 337 Iddo Oberski University of Stirling UK
8 Integrating Professional Audio Technologies in Computerized Foreign Language Laboratories 128 Rachida Primov University of Miami USA
8 Science Takes Flight 130 Gordon Schimmel Mansfield Public Schools USA
8 Arachnadata - Transforming Legacy Information to the Web 197 Laird Sloan Datatel, Inc. USA
8 Partnerships for Creating an On-Line Learning Environment 196 Shahron Williams van Rooij Datatel, Inc. USA

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