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To locate a paper that was presented at ICTE Tallahassee 2001:


If you know the Theme, click on the Theme name in Section 1 to go to the papers for that Theme in Section 2 following.

2. If you want to browse the paper titles, go to Section 2 and use the scrolling function of your browser to view the listings.  When you find a title you are interested in, click on the Title name and view the paper in .pdf format using Adobe Acrobat Reader in your browser.  Use the Print function in Adobe Acrobat Reader to print the document on your printer.
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Section 1 -- ICTE Tallahassee Themes

1. Harnessing the Internet to Raise Educational Standards

2. Policies and Strategies to Evaluate, Identify, and Acquire Effective Software 

3. Technology Resources in Support Of Learning

4. Distance, Flexible, and Open Learning 

5. Creating Digital Assets for Education and the Environment For Their Use  

6. Virtual Institutions -- Colleges, Universities, and Support Centers

7. Teacher Training 

8. Industry / Education Directions and Cooperative Ventures


Section 2 -- Listing by Themes, Paper Titles, Paper ID's, Presenters

Theme Paper Title Presenters Paper ID Institution Country
1 Curriculum Planning in the 21st Century: Managing Technology, Diversity, and Constructivism to Create Appropriate Learning Environment for All Students Walter S Polka, 
P. Rudy Mattai
123 Lewiston-Porter Central School District USA
1 On-Demand Lectures Using Streaming Media Curt Westbrook 216 California State University -- San Bernardino USA
1 Knowledge-based Design Walter Wager 133 Florida State University USA
1 Implementing Extranet-Based Educational Resource Planning in the Educational Institution Misyr Tajudin, 
Normaziah Che Musa
179 Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UNITAR) Malaysia
1 Implementing Technology To Achieve A Constructivist, Whole Language Approach To Spanish Instruction Jonita Stepp-Greany 265 Florida State University USA
1 Intercons -- Adaptive Internet Based Consultative System Veljko Spasic 195 University of Belgrade Yugoslavia
1 Blackboard and WebCT: A Side by Side Comparison John S Sfondilias 111 Eastern Illinois University USA
1 The Introduction of Web-Based Instruction into the Undergraduate STEM Curricula at Florida A & M University Cheryl Seay, Dhyana Ziegler, Reginald J. Perry 206 Florida A & M University USA
1 Diffusing Technology Innovations Scott P Schaffer 222 Florida State University USA
1 Are They Using the Tool to Learn, or Still Learning to Use the Tool? -- An Observation of Middle Childhood Students Doing Research on the Computer Karen S. Robinson, 
Patti R. Albaugh
226 Otterbein College USA
1 The Dade Project: A View of Distance Learning from a Diffusion of Innovations Perspective Gary R Posnansky, William L Dulaney 260 Florida State University, Panama City Campus USA
1 Teaching and Technology Fellowships in Philosophy and the Humanities Caroline Joan Picart 258 Florida State University USA
1 The Integration of a Resource Web Site in the Teaching of On-Line and Traditional Courses Donald M Morales 192 Mercy College USA
1 Peter Lenkway, 
Carolyn Peterson
184 ATallahassee Community College USA
1 The Napster Revolution on College Campuses: How Universities and The Recording Industry are Coping with the music File-Sharing Sensation Thomas Hutchison 163 Middle Tennessee State University USA
1 The Educational Software Development Cycle: A Proposal For Team Building Joseph Howell 244 Panhandle Area Educational Consortium USA
1 SCIFAIR.ORG, A Web Based Resource for Elementary to Graduate School John W Gudenas 131 Aurora University USA
1 Grammar? Who's Interested? Using On-line Resources to Teach Grammar Marilyn Ford 234 Griffith University Australia
1 Identifying Standards for Online Education Service Providers Claire Campbell 178 Southern Cross University Australia
1 Design and Develop Web-Based Training: An Internet Course M Beatriz Beltran 159 United Bible Societies USA
1 Expert to Web Page, Technology to the Rescue Charles Bauer 148 Illinois Institute of Technology USA
1 Sustaining Technician Education in the Age of Globalization Andrea Bagares-Mangundayao, Selfa Java-Briones, 
John Dequito Mefragata
108 Technological University of the Philippines Philippines
1 Computer Literacy Program: Its effect on the Self-Concept of the Disabled Students in the University of the East, Caloocan City Rebecca Purpura-Go 109 University of the East Philippines
2 Thinking Through A Teaching / Training Website Phil Grise 273 Florida State University USA
2 Effective Strategies for Evaluating Software Kimberly Hardy, 
Susan Henderson
225 Florida Community College Distance Learning Consortium USA
2 How to Increase Attention Using a Computer Assisted Teaching Procedure J. I. Navarro 144 University of Cadiz -- Spain Spain
2 Using Teaching and Learning Standards to Evaluate Software Joanne Caniglia 248 Eastern Michigan University USA
2 When All The Quick Fixes Fail, Try R & D Robert K Branson 257 Florida State University USA
2 Brazilian Software Needs for Multimedia Mathematical Learning Rosana Giaretta Sguerra Miskulin, 
Jnoi de Almeida AMorim
238 State University of Campias -- UNICAMP Brazil
3 Developing Multimedia Rich Web Resources Joseph C. Roach 214 Florida A & M University USA
3 The Influence of Data-collection Devices On Student Understanding of the Concept of Function Robert Mann 240 Western Illinois University USA
3 Technology Resources in Support of Teaching Ann-Charlotte Markman 171 Rosjoskolan School Sweden
3 Overcoming the "Technology Lag" Among Higher Education Faculty: Introduction, Production, Maintenance, and Evaluation Services to Increase Technology-Enabled Instruction Don L Martin 132 North Carolina State University USA
3 The "T-CLES": Assessing Technology Utilization in Classrooms from a Constructivist Perspective Robert McClure 127 Saint Mary's University USA
3 A Learning Centered Approach to Coursework & Teaching Evaluation: A Mulit-Method Evaluation of Instruction in Engineering Classes Ganesh P Mohanty 173 University of North Carolina at Charlotte USA
3 Web World Wonders -- Field Work Gone VIrtual: Quality Content Using Multiple Technologies for K-12 Education Laurie E. S. Molina 219 Florida State University USA
3 Writing Curriculum for the Online Classroom Diana Muir 124 Hawking Institute USA
3 Using XML and XSL To Produce and Maintain Courses on the Web Marc Nanard, 
Karine Bianciotto
176 Conservatoire National Des Arts et Metiers France
3 Multimedia Learning: A New Paradigm in Education Mai Neo, 
Ken Neo
103 Multimedia University Malaysia
3 Technology-based Learning: Using web Authoring Tools to Enhance Instruction in the Classroom Ken Neo, 
Mai Neo
104 Multimedia University Malaysia
3 Computer-Assisted Personalized Approach in Large Physics Classes Hon-Kie Ng 254 Florida State University USA
3 A Summary Of Lessons Learned from Medellin, Colombia Claudia Maria Zea Restrepo 270 Universidad Eafit - Colombia Colombia
3 Web-based Forms to Enhance Student Learning Across the Curriculum Anne J. Cox, 
William F. Junkin III
229 Eckerd College USA
3 Implementing JAVA Beans, CORBA, and JDBC in the Development of a Web-Based Environment Mohammed Samaka 117 UAE University UAE
3 Access to Technology at Woodbury University -- the Aftermath Robert A Schultz 158 Woodbury University USA
3 Evaluating the Beacon Learning Center Kenneth L Shaw, 
Cathie Herzog, Lindsay Gotshall, Cathie Herzpg, Lindsay Gotshall, Catherine M Pomar
126 Florida State University USA
3 NASA Technology and Tools That Support Teaching Stephanie L. Smith 221 NASA USA
3 Maximizing Administrative and Academic Technology Synergy Shahron Williams van Rooij 101 DataTel USA
3 Using Learning Technology to Increase Matric Exemption Rates Among Disadvantaged Students in South Africa Lou van Wyk, 
Owen Gaede, Elize Goosen, Robert Morgan
280 Potchefstroom University South Africa
3 How ICT in the Classroom Can Offer Diversity for Preferred Learning Styles Susan Jane Waite 239 University of Plymouth United Kingdom
3 Supporting Internet Based Courses With Microsoft Front Page Robert Workman 190 Southern Connecticut State University USA
3 The Match Game: Putting Learners and Software Together Sara Hagen 213 Florida State University USA
3 The Teaching and Learning Triangle T M Malie, Q M Sello 255 University of Botswana Botswana, Southern Africa
3 Evaluating E-Learning in a Traditional Teaching Environment Wim Oostindier 276 International Business School, University of Professional Education Netherlands
3 Streaming Video Solutions for Distance Education Jerald D. Cole 118 New York Institute of Technology USA
3 An Internet Mediated E-Learning Resource Providing On-Line Real-Time Tests To Prepare Students for Scholastic Evaluation Exams Syed Sibte Raza Abidi 185 Universiti Sains Malaysia Malaysia
3 A Learning Centered Approach to Coursework & Teaching Evaluation: A Multi-Method Evaluation of Instruction in Education Classes Robert Algozzine, 
John Gretes
167 Universitry of North Caroline at Charlotte USA
3 Supporting Mathematics Science Teachers Through Technology Hakan Yavuz Atar, 
Chris Muire
187 Florida State University USA
3 Examining Students' and Teachers' Perceptions of Microcomputer Based Laboratories (MBL's) in High School Chemistry Classes Hakan Yavuz Atar 182 Florida State University USA
3 The Usage of Internet to Develop Industry & Two Year College Co-operation and Practices of a Project in Turkey Sabahattin Balci, 
Rza Gurbuz
160 Ankara University Turkey
3 Redesigning the Classroom: Technology and Teaching Linda M Best 247 Edinboro University PA USA
3 Of Online Passports, Portfolios and Lesson Plans: The Story of a Special Education Class and Their Student Teacher Marty Bray 208 University of North Carolina at Charlotte USA
3 Low-cost nd No-cost Tools for Supporting Online Learning Andrew J Brovey 149 Valdosta State University USA
3 Evaluating E-Learning in a Traditional Teaching Environment Petra van Heugten, 
Wim Oostindier
125 International Business School, University of Professional Education Netherlands
3 Editing in Cyberspace: Peer Critique Groups in a Web-based Technical Communication Course Gary Burnett, 
Don Latham
233 Florida State University USA
3 Wellness Profile and Attitude Towards Information Technology in Sports: Implications to Athletic Performance Luzviminda S Macalimbon 142 University of the East, Caloocan Philippines
3 Making Technology Effective in Learning Robert Kohser 268 Dixie High School USA
3 Digital Portfolio Ann Lindvall 243 Rosjoskolan Sweden
3 Change Creation and Change Management: Twin Keys for the Successful Integration of Technology and Education Dale Lick, 
Roger Kaufman
256 Florida State University USA
3 The Web as an Effective Tool for Knowledge Development: A Case Example of Potential Innovations in Research Methodology Jeff Lacasse, Scott Ryan , Tomi Gomory 263 Florida State University USA
3 Meet "Carla": Software for Assessing Oral Student Responses Janet Flewelling, 
Donald Snider
166 University of Windsor Canada
3 Faculty Adoption of the Campus Intranet System for Posting Grades: A Diffusion Study Kathy Keltner, 
Thomas Hutchinson
164 Middle Tennessee State University USA
3 Automatic Characterization of Computer Programming Assignments for Style and Documentation Dulal C Karr 130 Texas A & M University -- Corpus Christi USA
3 Wireless Local Area Networks: Ultimate Freedom in Teaching and Learning Anytime, Anywhere with Technology Dulal C Karr 156 Texas A & M University -- Corpus Christi USA
3 Network Printing in a College of Education: Cost Savings and Reduced Support Dane Hughes, 
John Gretes
169 Universitry of North Carolina at Charlotte USA
3 Learning Curves: A New Day on Education Street Christopher E Hohenberger 107 Root Learning Inc. USA
3 Preparing Teachers to Use and Integrate Technology in the Elementary Education Curriculum Barbara J Levine 212 Robert Morris College USA
4 ODL System for Engineering Postgraduate Studies Jolanta Chee 174 National Institute of Telecommunications Poland
4 Pinnacles and Pitfalls of Web-Based Courses Bonnie H Armstrong 188 Florida State University USA
4 Strategies to Incorporate Active Learning into Online Teaching Diane Austin, 
Nadine D. Mescia
245 University of South Florida USA
4 Empirical Evaluation of a Forecasting Model for Successful Facilitation on Telematic Learning Programmes Antoinette Bischoff 267 Potchefstroom University South Africa
4 Faculty Going the DIstance: Motivations, Incentives, and Satisfaction in the Florida Community College System Beverly L Bower, 
Akahito Kamata
141 Florida State University USA
4 Concept Map-Based versus Web Page-Based Interfaces in Search and Browsing Mary Jo Carnot 259 University of West Florida USA
4 From Animated PowerPoint to VIdeotape: Addressing Problems of Student Access by Separating the Media of Deveopment and Delivery Jennie Swann 119 University of the South Pacific Fiji
4 Learning Without Teaching: Use of ICT-based Models in Teacher Training Svein Ove Lysne, 
Jostein Tvedte
134 Stord / Haugesund College Norway
4 So Many Toys; So Little Time H Dale Nute, Thomas B Kelley, C Ray Jeffrey 177 Florida State University USA
4 Taking the Distance out of Distance Learning Felicia Ryerson 202 The Florida Online High School USA
4 Using Electronic Means to Enhance Discourse, to Engage Learners, and to Build Community in an Integrated Methods Course for Elementary Preservice Teachers Lynae Sakshaug 150 SUNY Brockport USA
4 A Study of Critical Learning Incidents in Both a Traditional Classroom and an Asynchronous Learning Network Gary Sarkozi 151 Virginia Commonwealth University USA
4 Students Creating Community Elisabeth Logan 253 Florida State University USA
4 Global Access to Distance Education -- Barriers and Inequalities Andrew A Sorensen 135 University of Alabama USA
4 The Plus Program: A Hybrid On-Line / Conventional Classroom Approach Michael Nelson 121 International College -- CIT USA
4 Abolishing the Separation of Chalk and Stage: Maximizing Multimedia in Distance Learning John Tolsma 154 Erroyo USA
4 Learning, Robotics, and Culture: A Proposal for Rural Development Claudia Urrea 241 MIT -- Media Lab USA
4 Distance Education An Environment for All: Techniques and Methods David M Williamson 269 Purdue University USA
4 Project SL-IDE (Speech Language-Interactive Distance Education): Utilization of Multi-Component Technology Juliann Woods, 
Linda Gessner
230 Florida State University USA
4 A Hybrid Model of Distance Learning in Peace and Conflict Studies Honggang Yang 272 Nova Southeastern University USA
4 Interactivity in Web-Based Learning Kathleen Burnett 181 Florida State University USA
4 Improving Asynchronous Dialogue in Web-Based Learning Elsebeth Sorensen, Eugene S. Takle 235 Aalborg University Denmark
4 Integrating Computer and Communication Technologies in Distance Courses: An Experience Adriana Claudia Fantini 180 Universidad Nacional De La Patagonia Argentina
4 An Advance Organizer Approach to Distance Learning Course Presentation John W Coffey, 
Alberto Canas
153 University of West Florida USA
4 Student Perception of Community in an Online Learning Environment Rita-Marie Conrad 197 Florida State University USA
4 Managing the Mandate: Distance Education in Teacher Education -- Why and How Mainstream Faculty Should Become Distance Educators Judith A Converso, 
Michael Simonson
203 Florida State University USA
4 Mentoring Online Kijana Crawford 193 Rochester Institute of Technology USA
4 Potential of Distance Education for Lessening the Brain Drain in Slovakia and Central and Eastern Europe Katarina Pisutova 232 Open Society Foundation Slovak Republic
4 Two Models of Website Pedagogy: Theory and Applications Donald B Egolf, 
Ellen R Cohn
162 University of Pittsburgh USA
4 Oh, What A Web We Weave Jo Anne Larsen, 
JoAnne Larsen
200 University of South Florida USA
4 ALO/USAID Project Owen Gaede, Lou van Wyk, Robert Morgan, 
Elize Goosen
275 Learning Systems Institute / Florida State University USA
4 Cross Cultural Trans-Disciplinary Distance Learning H. P. Garbharran, M A Smith, M J Edwards, P O Murdock, M K Mathis, 
M L Beard
271 Middle Tennessee State University USA
4 Part-time Distance Learning Master's Degree Program in Speech-Language Pathology Howard Goldstein, 
Linda Gessner
231 Florida State University USA
4 An Investigation of Student Perceptions of Instructional Strategies Used in Synchronous Learning Environments Melanie Greene, 
Sara Olin Zimmerman
157 Appalachian State University USA
4 The Mentor Role In Online Teaching and Learning Carole Hayes 264 Florida State University USA
4 Use of Web-based 3-D Technology for Learning Assembly Skills William A Kealy 220 University of South Florida USA
4 Virtual Education Network (VEN) Gerda Kysela-Schiemer 143 Donau University Krems Austria
4 The Ophelia Project Donald Laing 183 University of Windsor Canada
4 Learner Clustering to Facilitate Increased Effectiveness of Web-Based Learning Richard Czarnecki, Michelle LaFleche 128 NCS Learn USA
5 Addressing the Competing Values in Technology Planning and Implementation David Anderson 155 Eastern Michigan University USA
5 Web Accessibility of Community Colleges' Web Pages Marty Bray 207 University of North Carolina at Charlotte USA
5 Digital Portfolios: The Plan, The Purpose, A Preview Val Christensen, 
Terry Corwin
165 Valley City State University USA
5 Tailor Made for Education Bob Strunz, 
Murray MacCallum
114 University of Limerick Ireland
5 Electronic Technologies in the College Classroom: Paradigms for Success Barton W. Thurber, 
Jack W. Pope
252 University of San Diego USA
6 A System Design for the Implementation of a Virtual Campus Andres Nunez 210 Florida State University USA
6 UNITAR's Virtual Online Instructional Support System (VOISS): Success and Failure Normaziah Che Musa 251 Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UNITAR) Malaysia
6 Promoting mLearning by the UniWap Project within Higher Education Heikki Kynaslahti, 
James P Sampson, Janne Sariola, Raimo Vuorinen
261 University of Helsinki Finland
6 Webmasters Training: Virtual Teams to Mazimize Collaborative Efforts Between Counties and the State DOE via Cyberspace Valerie Bryan 161 Florida Atlantic University USA
6 Concept and Implementation of the First Virtual University in Yugoslavia Veljko Spasic 194 University of Belgrade Yugoslavia
7 INTIME (Integrating New Technologies into the Methods of Education): A PT3 Catalyst Grant Alexander Spatariu, 
Corina Cimpoeru
228 University of Northern Iowa USA
7 The Impact of Teacher Skills on the Integration of ICT in Irish Schools Aidan Mulkeen 170 National University of Ireland, Maynooth Ireland
7 A Technology Course for Prospective Secondary Mathematics Teachers James Olsen 242 Western Illinois University USA
7 Training Teacher Educators For Using Information and Communication Technologies in Education Emrah Orhun 249 Troy State University Montgomery USA
7 Computer Innovation in Education in Turkey: A Study of the Initiation Conditions Emrah Orhun 250 Troy State University Montgomery USA
7 A Technology-Rich Teacher Preparation Program Constance J Pollard,
Carolyn Thorsen
137 Boise State University USA
7 Showcasing New Teachers: Electronic Portfolios Richard R Pollard 140 University of Idaho USA
7 Portfolio Assessment of Preservice Technology Skills Sandra Leslie 152 Belmont Abbey College USA
7 Integrated Cooperative Models and Cognitive Flexibility Strategies for Career Guidance Idalia Sa-Chaves 172 University of Aveiro Portugal
7 Collaborative Learning through the Problem Solving Design in the Computational Environment -- E-Team Rosana Giaretta Sguerra Miskulin 199 State University of Campias -- UNICAMP Brazil
7 Transition to Teaching: A Web Based Alternative Model Glenn Thomas, Eileen McDaniel, Owen Gaede, Loraine Wood, Fanchion Funk, Connie Gaede 278 Florida State University USA
7 Aspects of Self-Perceived Computer Competence and Its Predictors Among University Students Johan Van Braak, Katie Goeman 215 Vrije University Brussel Belgium
7 Conflict Management Among Adult Learners in the Computer-mediated Environment Shahron Williams van Rooij 102 DataTel USA
7 Training Today's Teachers for Tomorrow's Classrooms Mark Warner 122 Augusta State University USA
7 Building Assessment Mechanism into Educational Technology and Curriculum Integration Robert Zheng, 
Barbara Wilmes
120 Marian College USA
7 Models for Pre- and Inservice Instructional Technology (IT) Training at the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown (UPJ) Bernard John Poole 138 University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown USA
7 Making It Happen for Pre-Service Teachers: Two Delivery Methods of Technology Literacy Terry Corwin, 
Sara Hagan
186 Valley City State University USA
7 Assessing the Technology Skills and Experience of Entering Freshmen for the Design of the Sophomore Technology Course Patti R. Albaugh, 
Karen S. Robinson
223 Otterbein College USA
7 Building Web Sites To Enhance Computer Literacy And Curriculum Development Ed Antosz 198 University of Windsor Canada
7 Challenges of Alternative Teacher Certification: Pilot Program in Broward County, Florida Marcia Beckford, 
Charles Venin
279 Broward County Schools USA
7 Faculty Development at Florida State University Andres Nunez 211 Florida State University USA
7 Technology in the Classrooms: New Design for Learning Gerald W. Burgess 217 Albany State University USA
7 Classroom-based Publishing Using the Internet Maureen Labrum 106 USA
7 Teacher Training, Computers and Related Technologies: Challenges and Strategies Devon Duhaney 129 State University of New York at New Paltz USA
7 The Pedagogical ICT-driver's Licenses: A Danish National Initiative to Raise Teacher's ICT Competencies Ulla Gjoerling, 
Ojvind Brogger
175 The Danish Computer Centre for Research and Education Denmark
7 Teacher Training and Instructional Technology: An Example and Assessment David H. Gray 110 United States Foreign Service USA
7 Technology Rich Activities for Instruction and Learning with Support (TRAILS) John Gretes 168 Universitry of North Caroline at Charlotte USA
7 Teaching Geometry Using WebQuest Erdogan Halat, 
Elizabeth Jakubowski
227 Florida State University USA
7 Collaborative Technology-Rich Field Experiences Teresa Delgado Harrison 139 Boise State University USA
7 Technology Supported Learning: New Models for Creating Technology Literate Teachers Barbara Holmes, 
Gerald W. Burgess
218 Albany State University USA
7 Faculty Training and Utilization of Technology in Preservice Education Richard M Johnson 145 Boise State University USA
7 Research Driven: An Effective Technology Learning Model for Preservice Teachers Diane L Judd 147 Valdosta State University USA
7 A Collaborative Model of Integrating Technology K-16 Margaret M Boice 136 Trinity College USA
8 Microsoft Teacher Training Grant Support: History of A Long Term Committment to a State University Teacher Education Program M C Ware 246 SUNY -- Cortland USA
8 Large-Scale Education Reform: Systemic Approach Acknowledging Change Leadership Principles and Design Judith A Converso, 
Michael Simonson
204 Florida State University USA
8 University Cooperation with Neighborhood Organizations: Project Management Technology Education in Urban Neighborhood Redevelopment John M Gleason, 
James T Ault
201 Creighton University USA
8 The New Apprenticeship Jason M Johnston 274 Delphi Corporation USA
8 Corporate E-Learning: Trends And Issues Andres Nunez 209 Florida State University USA
8 Empire State Partnership Project: An Arts Connection with a Focus on Improving Learning via Technology Walter S Polka 115 Lewiston-Porter Central School District USA
8 Project Management as a Development Tool: A Case Study in Cooperative Materials Development for a Web-Based Programme Lou van Wyk, 
Elize Goosen
262 Potchefstroom University South Africa

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