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Shinji Masui

In 1996, Mr. Chong Moon Lee, Founder and Chairman of Diamond Multimedia Systems Inc., the well-known developer and manufacturer of multimedia and connectivity products for IBM compatible PCs and modems for Apple Macintosh computers, generously provided a grant to ICTE to support travel and attendance of Asian teachers at ICTE New Orleans 1996 -- the 13th annual ICTE Conference.  One of these 24 C M Lee Scholars was Shinji Masui from Kobe, Japan.

During the New Orleans Conference, Shinji Masui produced a web site that documented his experiences at ICTE New Orleans 1996, and during the two years since the New Orleans Conference, Shinji has continued to add to the web site, making it an interesting resource for educators, and a continually evolving illustration of interesting uses of the world wide web for teachers and students.  Recently, Shinji has added motion video from New Orleans to the site.

Joining ICTE as a C M Lee Scholar

Home Page: Kobe School Net

Masui Home Page

Real Video Files from ICTE New Orleans 1996

(You may need to download RealVideo and RealAudio drivers
from the resource indicated in order to view the video files.)

Chong Moon Lee Scholarships -- ICTE New Orleans 1996

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