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Educational Technology Resource Library

From two hundred to three hundred professional papers are presented at a typical ICTE Conference on Technology and Education, with each paper addressing one of the eight to twelve Themes selected by the ICTE Program Committee for that particular Conference.

These papers are published in the ICTE Conference Proceedings following each event, and most persons attending the Conference purchase a set.  In addition, many other individuals, libraries, and other organizations purchase the Proceedings.  However, this unique resource is nevertheless limited to a small percentage of the worldwide education community.

In 1999, the ICTE Board of Directors made a decision to publish the papers presented at annual ICTE Conferences on the ICTE web site, in addition to publishing these as Conference Proceedings.  In addition to publishing papers from current and future ICTE Conferences, the decision was also made to publish papers from recent past ICTE Conferences on this web site, including ICTE Edinburgh 1999, ICTE Santa Fe 1998, ICTE Oslo 1997, ICTE New Orleans 1996, and selected papers from still earlier ICTE Conferences that are still relevant.

This Educational Technology Resource Library represents a unique resource that will continue to grow from year to year as papers from each new ICTE Conference are added, and as selected papers from previous Conferences are added.

Access to the Library

Anyone may access to the Library at no charge.  The cost of maintaining and adding papers from each ICTE Conference to the library will be underwritten by the proceeds from each ICTE Conference.

Initially, no registration is required; however, after an initial test period, we will ask that anyone accessing the Library register on this ICTE web site.  The information for registration will remain confidential to ICTE and will not be shared with any other group or organization.


Selecting and Printing Documents

The Papers being added to the Educational Technology Resource Library are in the .pdf format, and can be viewed on-line using the Adobe?Acrobat?Reader? They can also be printed on your local printer using the Print function in the Acrobat Reader.

If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer system, it is available from the Adobe web site, and can be downloaded and installed without charge.

To download Adobe Acrobat Reader, go to



Library Development Schedule

ICTE is currently in the process of placing Papers from ICTE Tampa 1999 in the Resource Library; plans are for this to progress at a rate of about 30 - 35 papers per week for the next several weeks. 

Following the completion of ICTE Tampa 1999 papers, we will continue with ICTE Edinburgh 1999, and then ICTE Santa Fe 1998, and so on.  For Conferences prior to ICTE New Orleans 1996, papers will be selected based on their continuing relevance.

(Note to ICTE Tampa 1999 Presenters: This process, as well as publication of the ICTE Tampa 1999 printed, bound Proceedings was delayed due to serious and continuing problems with ICTE's Internet Service Provider over the past several months, and the resulting change in June, 2000 to another ISP.  Unfortunately,  continuing problems with the new ISP, including unsatisfactory service and support, have further contributed to delays.  We regret the delays, but in order to make publication of the ICTE Papers both in printed form and on-line on this web site economically feasible, it has been necessary to plan for software utilities and related process for digitization, indexing, and access that we can support on the ISP that we use. 


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