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Frequent Questions -- ICTE Santa Fe 1998

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Q. I plan to travel to ICTE Santa Fe 1998 by air. What is the nearest airport to Santa Fe?

A. The international airport in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is the nearest large airport to Santa Fe, lying about an hour's drive south of Santa Fe on US Interstate 25. ICTE will have special arrangements and a discounted price for the ShuttleJack bus service from the Alubquerque International Airport to Santa Fe, which runs ten to twelve round trips a day, and which will stop at the various hotels in Santa Fe. When you arrive at the Albuquerque airport, proceed to the Information Desk on the lower level in the baggage claim area for more information. Price for the bus ride to Santa Fe from the Albuquerque airport will be $ 10 US to ICTE attendees -- 1/2 of the normal one-way bus fare. The tickets must be purchased from the ICTE representative at the Information Desk following your arrival, and will be available on Saturday and Sunday, March 7 and 8. The hours for ICTE representatives' schedule at the Albuquerque airport Information Desk in the baggage claim area will be posted on this site in early Febuary.

Q. Where is New Mexico?

A. New Mexico is one of the fifty states of the United States. The eastern border of New Mexico is shared with west Texas, and the state of Arizona borders New Mexico on the western side of the state. Part of New Mexico's southern border is the international border between the United States and Mexico, and the state of Colorado lies immediately to the north of New Mexico.

Q. I will be presenting a paper at ICTE Santa Fe 1998. How can I find out when my presentation is scheduled?

A. In late January or early February, a preliminary Program for ICTE Santa Fe 1998 will be placed on this web site, and then will be updated periodically after that. The preliminary program will not be assembled until late January, so it will not possible to give presentation dates and times until then.

Q. What arrangements are being made for lunch during the all-day trip to the Very Large Array radio astronomy observatory on Thursday, March 12, the day following the ICTE Santa Fe Conference?

A. ICTE is looking at two possibilities -- (1) a box lunch option available at the La Fonda Hotel that participants can purchase and take with them, and (2) a brief stop at a fast food restaurant in Socorro. We will have an announcement on this later in January on this web site.

Q. I am planning my schedule to and from Santa Fe. What is the ShuttleJack bus schedule between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, and how late does the bus run each evening?

A. The Spring 1998 ShuttleJack bus schedule is not available yet. However, there are typically ten to twelve round trips a day between the Albuquerque airport and Santa Fe, with the later ones well into the evening each day. We will post the ShuttleJack schedule for March 1998 on this web site when it is available.

Q. I need a letter of invitation to attend, or to present at, ICTE Santa Fe 1998, in order to apply for a travel Visa, or in order to apply for travel and registration funding from my institution. How can I obtain a letter of invitation?

A. If you need a letter of invitation to ICTE Santa Fe 1998 for Visa purposes, or to apply for funding assistance, please contact ICTE by e-mail at icte@icte.org, or by FAX at + 817-534-0096, and we will arrange to provide you with a letter of invitation.

Q. How far is it from the La Fonda hotel in Santa Fe, to the Sweeney Convention Center?

A. The La Fonda will be the Headquarters Hotel for ICTE, and also the location for the exhibits, the banquet, and one set of presentations. Most of the presentation rooms, as well as all of the Plenary Sessions, will be held in the Sweeney Convention Center. These two locations are four blocks apart, through the middle of Santa Fe, including crossing the Plaza.

Q. I would like to submit a paper for ICTE Santa Fe 1998, but the submission deadline is past. Can I still submit a paper?

A. You can submit an abstract for a paper to be presented at ICTE Santa Fe to the ICTE address (see the Call For Papers page elsewhere at this web site.) Your paper will be placed on a reserve list and reviewed as places in the program become available, or in the event of drop-outs.

Q. Where and when will the ICTE Conference be held in 1999?

A. Current plans are still being finalized for ICTE 1999; the prospects look good for a return to Edinburgh, Scotland (ICTE convened in Edinburgh in March, 1988 for a very successful Conference.) We will note progress on these pages as this is finalized. The time will be in the March period, although exact dates cannot be set yet.

The plans for the year 2000 are to return to Florida -- again, more details will be posted as these plans are finalized. A return to Florida in 2000 would mark the third time an ICTE Conference has convened in Florida.


Frequent Questions -- ICTE Oslo 1997

Q. What is the status of the ICTE Proceedings for the Oslo Conference?

A. The Proceedings for ICTE Oslo 1997 were printed at the printer in Wisconsin during the week of October 27, 1997, and were shipped to ICTE in Dallas. Following receipt of the shipment by ICTE in Dallas on November 5, packaging, labeling, and distribution began on November 6. Those in the US who ordered the Proceedings can expect to start receiving their copies of the Proceedings by mid-November, 1997. US shipments are being made by Priority Mail. In Canada, Europe, and elsewhere, transit times will average another ten to twelve days, we are told. International shipments are being made by Global Priority Mail where possible.

Q. How can I order copies of the Proceedings for past ICTE Conferences?

A. We do have proceedings for a few of the past ICTE Conferences in stock; most are sold out. If you want to check on availability and price for a past Conference, send an e-mail note to icte@icte.org, mention the Proceedings you would like to order, the address to ship to, and we will respond with price and availability.


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