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Registration Information

To register to attend ICTE Santa Fe 1998 as a Delegate, review the information in this section on registration, registration fees, hotel accommodation in Santa Fe, air travel discounts for ICTE delegates, and pre- and post-Conference information; then complete the following steps:

  1. Register in advance for the Conference by printing out and completing the Conference Registration Form and sending it, with remittance, to the address listed or by FAXing it with credit card information to the FAX number listed. Please note that the ICTE Conference Registration Form should be completed and sent by mail or FAX to the ICTE address or FAX number listed on the Conference Registration Form. (Please do not send the Conference Registration Form to the Santa Fe Convention and Visitors Bureau -- see following section.)

  2. Make your hotel reservations. Review the Hotel List and Rate sheet, or talk to your travel agent regarding accommodation in Santa Fe and the vicinity. If you wish to take advantage of the special rates arranged for ICTE Delegates to ICTE Santa Fe 1998 at one of the hotels listed on the Hotel List and Rate Sheet, print out and complete the separate Hotel Registration Form and send separately by mail or FAX to the Santa Fe Convention and Visitors Bureau at the address or FAX number listed on the Hotel Registration Form. (Please do not send the Hotel Registration Form to the ICTE address or FAX number.)

  3. Make your travel arrangements to ICTE Santa Fe 1998. Check with your travel agent, or see the special airfare discounts from Southwest Airlines available to ICTE delegates to ICTE Santa Fe 1998.

  4. Check this ICTE web site periodically for updates and for information on pre- and post-Conference activities being planned for ICTE Santa Fe 1998. Reservation information for a trip to the National Radio Astronomy Observatory Very Large Array located Southwest of Albuquerque on Thursday, March 12 following the Conference will be posted at this web site in late November. Reservation information for a trip to the Bradbury Science Museum on Sunday afternoon, March 8, prior to the Conference opening on Sunday evening, will be posted in late November. Information on other activities, including local school visits, will be posted as available.

(Those who have applied and have been accepted to present papers at the Conference will receive a separate registration package and should complete the separate Presenters Registration Form instead of the Conference Registration Form and send it, with remittance, to the address listed.)


Sweeney Conference Center
201 West Marcy Street
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504

La Fonda Hotel (Headquarters Hotel)
100 E. San Francisco Street
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501


Received by Jan. 12, 1998

Received after Jan. 12, 1998

Registration for Delegates



Conference Dinner: *



Conference Proceedings: **



 * Regional entertainment included
** Two volumes, postage and packing included.  Papers will be 
   published in the Conference Proceedings following the Conference. 


All payments must be in U.S. dollars. Payment may be made by check, money order, VISA, MasterCard, banker’s draft or institutional purchase order. Make checks or money orders payable to ICTE, Inc. Please clearly indicate your name and address on checks, money orders, drafts and purchase orders. Send your payment to:

Post Office Box 195349, UTA Station
Arlington, TX 76019-0001 USA

The Conference Registration Form may be FAXed, with credit card information, to: +1-817-534-0096.

Courier delivery may be to:

Dr. Lynn Peterson
University of Texas at Arlington
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
416 Yates, 300 Nedderman Hall
Arlington, TX 76019 USA


In the event that you must cancel your registration, a refund (less a handling fee of $50 USD) of prepaid registration fees may be obtained if notification is received by the Conference Secretariat no later than January 31, 1998. No refunds will be made after this date.


Delegates must make their own air travel and hotel arrangements. The Hotel Registration Form accompanying this brochure lists hotels in Santa Fe with which special arrangements have been made for ICTE Delegates attending ICTE Santa Fe 1998. The Hotel Registration Form should be completed separately from the ICTE Conference Registration Form, using the accompanying ICTE Hotel list. The Hotel Registration Form should be mailed or faxed to the Santa Fe Convention and Visitors Bureau in Santa Fe, using the address or FAX number listed on the Hotel Registration Form. Hotel rooms at these rates are limited and early booking is advised. Please do not mail or FAX the Hotel Registration Form to ICTE.

The separate ICTE Conference Registration Form included should be completed and sent separately to ICTE as instructed in the REGISTRATION and PAYMENT FOR REGISTRATION sections on this page. Please do not send the ICTE Conference Registration Form to the Santa Fe Convention and Visitors Bureau in Santa Fe.


The official language of ICTE is English.


An exhibition is planned for ICTE Santa Fe 1998 where vendors will display the latest in software and hardware technology. Exhibitor lists and locations will be available at the conference. Companies or institutions wishing to exhibit should contact ICTE Inc. at Tel. +1-817-534-1220, FAX +1-817-534-0096, or e-mail icte@icte.org.


The purchase of the Conference Proceedings is optional. Please see the Registration Form. Advance purchase is recommended.


All sessions of the 15th International Conference on Technology and Education are "NO SMOKING" sessions. Delegates who wish to smoke may do so only in the designated areas.


Upon request, the Conference Secretariat for ICTE Santa Fe 1998 will be happy to send a letter of invitation to facilitate obtaining supporting funds or a visa for participation in the Conference. It should be understood that this letter cannot be considered as a commitment by the organizers to provide any financial support. Please contact the Conference Secretariat.


The Sweeney Center is accessible to mobility-impaired Delegates. If specialized individual services are required, please mark the relevant part of the Conference Registration Form, or contact the Conference Secretariat in advance.


Conference dress is informal. We expect that weather during ICTE will be pleasant with sunny, moderate days and cool nights but temperatures can be variable in Santa Fe at this time of year. Delegates should bring an umbrella, as occasional showers are a possibility this time of year, and a jacket and sweater are desirable for cool evenings.

ICTE delegates should remember that Santa Fe is over 7,000 feet above sea level; individuals should keep the altitude in mind, be cautious about exerting themselves unless they are used to such altitudes, and drink plenty of water.


E-mail access through the Internet will be available to Delegates.


The Registration Desks at the La Fonda Hotel will be open from 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, March 8, 1998, and every day throughout the Conference. The Opening Session will be at 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 8 in the auditorium of the Sweeney Center. Following the Opening Session there will be a Welcome Reception hosted by ThinkQuest at a location that will be announced in the Registration Packet. The first session on Monday will start at 9:00 a.m. There will be a lunch break each day.


ICTE Santa Fe 1998 has selected Southwest Airlines as the official carrier for the 15th Annual ICTE Conference, and Southwest Airlines is offering all ICTE delegates and accompanying persons a special discount on roundtrip tickets to and from Albuquerque. To take advantage of the special discounted fare offer from Southwest Airlines, you (or your professional travel agent) must call the Southwest Airlines Group Desk at 800-433-5368. Call no later than February 27, 1998 and refer to identifier code R5088. Discounts are only available by phoning the Southwest Airlines Group Desk, Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM US Central time. (Some fares require advance purchase and have limited seating, so call as soon as possible, or as soon as your travel plans can be finalized. Note that Southwest Airlines is a domestic US airline. Delegates should compare several options for connections to Albuquerque, as fares may vary, and international travelers may find several competitive options for connections to Albuquerque.)


Santa Fe – New Mexico’s capital -- lies about an hour’s scenic drive by automobile or bus north of Albuquerque. Several motor tours are available in Santa Fe, as well as numerous walking tours. Your hotel can provide more information about sightseeing in Santa Fe. For more information about things to see and do in Northern New Mexico, see the Northern New Mexico section later in this brochure.


The registrant or participant agrees and acknowledges that the International Conferences on Technology and Education, Inc., its directors, employees, contractors, consultants, committees, hosting and cooperating organizations, and co-sponsoring Universities, are not responsible for any personal injury, loss, or damages resulting from travel to or from or during, or as a result of attendance at, the 15th International Conference on Technology and Education for any cause whatsoever, including strikes, illness, weather, acts of war, or other causes.


Special airfares for ICTE Delegates will be available from Southwest Airlines. Ten major air carriers fly into Albuquerque International Airport, and all of the major car rental agencies have offices in Albuquerque. The Shuttlejack bus offers non-stop service from Albuquerque airport to Santa Fe ten times daily. In addition, hotel accommodations at conveniently located hotels have been reserved, and information and registration forms will be included in the Registration Brochure, which will be distributed in September and October, 1997.


ICTE Santa Fe 1998 will be located at the Sweeney Center, at 201 West Marcy, just a five minute walk from the Plaza, in Santa Fe. A walking map will be included with the registration packet you receive when checking in at the ICTE Registration Desk in Santa Fe.

Most delegates will fly into the Albuquerque airport. An area bus service – the Shuttlejack – offers ten trips daily between the Albuquerque airport and Santa Fe, and the bus will deliver you to your hotel in Santa Fe. When arriving at the Albuquerque airport, Delegates should check with the Information Desk / ICTE Desk in the baggage claim area, for the Shuttlejack schedule and related ICTE information. Registered delegates arriving on Saturday, March 7, and on Sunday, March 8, will be eligible for a special offer on round trip passes between the Albuquerque airport and Santa Fe. (Normal bus fare is $20 one way.) Check the ICTE web site for details on this offer.

Delegates are requested to note their flight arrival date and time in the space provided on the Registration Form if they plan to use the Shuttlejack service to Santa Fe, in order to facilitate planning for bus capacity and schedules.


For inquiries or assistance, to request Letters of Invitation, or to request specialized services, please contact:

ICTE Santa Fe 1998
Post Office 195349, UTA Station
Arlington, TX 76019-0001 USA

e-mail: icte@icte.org
Phone: +1-817-534-1220
Fax: +1-817-534-0096

An ICTE Santa Fe 1998 Conference ListServ will be available to Delegates in late November, 1997, in order to help answer questions and provide additional information, on ICTE Santa Fe 1998. Delegates should check ICTE’s WWW site at http://www.icte.org for more details on the ListServ.



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