ICTE Santa Fe 1998

Worldwide Network of Learning:
Opportunities, Challenges, and Contrasts

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In early June, an initial planning meeting for the Santa Fe Conference was held at the university of New Mexico. The overarching Conference theme for ICTE Santa Fe 1998, Worldwide Network of Learning: Opportunities, Challenges, and Contrasts, was selected from several proposed, and a preliminary list of sub-themes was reviewed and agreed to.

Planning and execution of the annual ICTE Conference is an international collaborative effort, involving education professionals from a wide range of institutions in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Central and South America. Getting all, or even most of, the individuals together who contribute to the planning of the ICTE program each year is rarely practical or possible. E-mail and the world wide web, as well as telephone and FAX, are essential tools.


Some of the people behind ICTE Santa Fe 1998...

Some of the members of the initial June, 1997 planning meeting at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque paused for an electronic photo ...

From left: Sylvia Charp, T.H.E. Journal; Robert Lamb, Boston University; John Foster, ICTE / Europe; Ricardo Zuniga, Santa Fe Institute; Dennis Gill, Los Alamos National Laboratory; Allan Gutjahr, New Mexico Tech; William Dawes, Sandia Labs; Laura Bowers, ICTE; Mark Salisbury, University of New Mexico; Ed Walters, University of New Mexico; Ruth Pino, New Mexico State Department of Education. (Not shown: John Juarez, New Mexico Highlands University; Emily Rudin, ISTEC; Ramiro Jordan, ISTEC; William Gattis, ICTE.)

Each annual ICTE Conference is co-chaired by two or three individuals, generally reflecting the international focus of the Conference. Pictured are ICTE Santa Fe 1998 co-chairs John Foster (ICTE Europe / UK), Ed Walters (University of New Mexico), and Dennis Gill (Los Alamos National Laboratory).
Sylvia Charp (Technological Horizons in Education Journal) and Laura Bowers (Director of International Operations, ICTE) listen as John Foster makes a point.


ICTE Completes Largest Ever International Mailing

On November 3, 1997, ICTE completed a worldwide mailing of the Registration Announcement and Brochure for ICTE Santa Fe 1998 -- over 20,000 pieces. This follows the mailing of the Call for Papers in August to over 12,000 educators worldwide.

Recipients may have noticed that the Call for Papers had the address printed on the piece -- actually sprayed on by a high-speed, computer-controlled ink jet printer capable of processing over 10,000 pieces per hour. The more recent Registration Brochure US mailing was addressed using the ICTE US address list data by an equally amazing machine that cuts the addresses from wide fan-fold computer print-outs, printed several addresses across, picks up each tiny address with a moving vacuum belt, applies glue to the label, and applies a label to each mail piece in a non-stop stream of rapidly moving Registration Brochures.
The labeling machine is capable of processing over 5,000 mail pieces per hour. For the International ICTE mailing, the Registration Brochures were required to be in envelopes. The Registration Brochures were inserted in envelopes by still another machine, and the high-speed labeling machine then applied the labels from the ICTE International address list to the envelopes.
The company that contracted for the ICTE Santa Fe 1998 mailing, Wild West Mailers of Fort Worth, Texas, completed the entire mailing in record time.

Technology makes a difference -- but as the photos illustrate, skilled operators are still required to operate the machines.

The ICTE Santa Fe Registration Brochure should start showing up in mail boxes around the world in mid-to late November.

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