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On behalf of the International Conference on Technology and Education and the ICTE Governing Board, we extend an invitation to you to plan now to attend ICTE Santa Fe 1998 from March 8 through March 11, 1998.

From March 8 - 11, 1998, the 15th annual ICTE Conference will convene in Santa Fe, New Mexico - the heart of the American Southwest. The venue for ICTE Santa Fe 1998 will be the Sweeney Convention Center -- located only a few minutes walk from the central Santa Fe Plaza and La Fonda hotel.

ICTE is an international conference held in Europe and in North America in alternate years. ICTE typically is attended by Delegates from over fifty nations. Nearly half of the Delegates at the Conference contribute some prepared presentation to the Conference sub-themes (a paper, a poster session, a workshop, etc.). These presenters are chosen by the Conference Program Committee from abstracts submitted some six months before the Conference. Conference Proceedings are published and are available following the Conference each year. Proceedings may be ordered by Delegates, and are also available to academic librarians and other institutions and interested parties.

ICTE Santa Fe 1998 will focus on:

Worldwide Network of Learning:
Opportunities, Challenges, and Contrasts

The Conference will provide a forum for both educational futurists and pragmatists, and will look at alternative processes, procedures, techniques and tools for creating learning environments appropriate to the twenty-first century. There will be ten sub-themes, each examining a particular aspect of developments and progress. There will also be four plenary session presentations from internationally recognized leaders in the theoretical and practical application of technology in education which will have an interest for the whole Conference. Implementation of technology in the classroom, and a variety of successful and innovative models, will be featured. Low budget technologies for the classroom, human / computer interface issues for education and learning, and the status of virtual universities will be addressed. Special reports to Delegates will focus on Information Technology in education in the Southwestern US, worldwide telecommunications networks for learning and related technologies, and the current status of virtual universities. Pre-Conference sessions will focus on distance learning, the Internet, and related workshops and seminars.

As a technology-using educator, ICTE Santa Fe 1998 will be your opportunity to exchange ideas, to get up-to-date, and to meet colleagues from all over the world.

Ed Walters
Dennis Gill
John Foster

ICTE Santa Fe 1998 Co-Chairs


Image from photo by Chris Corrie

ICTE Santa Fe 1998

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