ThinkQuest announces the ThinkQuest Reception at ICTE Oslo 1997

On Sunday evening, August 10, following the opening plenary session of ICTE Oslo 1997, ThinkQuest will sponsor the ThinkQuest reception for delegates on the campus of the University of Oslo.

ThinkQuest is a significant private sector program to improve K-12 education and enhance learning experiences for students around the world through Internet technology. Dr. Robert Steen, Vice President, Advanced Network & Services, will host the ThinkQuest® reception on Sunday evening, August 10. Dr. Steen will briefly introduce delegates to ThinkQuest, its goals and objectives, and how students can participate in the various ThinkQuest programs.

ThinkQuest is open to students worldwide from the ages of 12 through 19. ThinkQuest sponsors student competitions and makes awards to student winners in the form of scholarships, in addition to awards to their coaches and schools. (For more information, see )

Currently Vice President primarily responsible for the ThinkQuest program at Advanced Network & Services, Dr. Steen will also be available during the Conference to visit with delegates who have an interest in involving students in their regions in the annual ThinkQuest programs.

Dr. Steen received his PhD in Telecommunications Engineering and holds a number of patents and has authored refereed papers. Prior to his current position he was an executive at IBM with responsibilities in worldwide research and development.

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