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Mountain School in Los Alamos, New Mexico
to send entire Teaching Staff
to ICTE Santa Fe 1998

Fort Worth, Texas -- In a first for the annual International Conference on Technology and Education (ICTE), the Mountain School of Los Alamos, New Mexico has concluded plans to send its entire teaching staff of 26 teachers, plus four instructional assistants, and their Computer Technologist, to the upcoming International Conference on Technology and Education, scheduled for March 8-11 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Mountain School is a K-6 school, in the Los Alamos Public School System, located in the city of Los Alamos in Northern New Mexico.

Now in its fifteenth year, ICTE is the longest-running international Conference of its kind, convening annually in North America or in Europe in alternate years. Typically attended by educators from over fifty nations, ICTE each year provides an international forum for both educational futurists and pragmatists to investigate processes, procedures, techniques, and tools for creating learning environments appropriate for the twenty-first century. The fourteenth ICTE conference convened at the University of Oslo, Norway, in August 1997. Following the Santa Fe Conference in March 1998, the sixteenth ICTE Conference is being planned for Edinburgh, Scotland, in the Spring of 1999.

Dr. Mary Gervase, Principal of Mountain School, stated that "The staff at Mountain School are elated that we will be able to send our entire teaching staff, four instructional assistants, and our Computer Technologist, to the upcoming International Conference on Technology and Education! Through a grant from the New Mexico State Department of Education Goals 2000 program, we have been able to provide for teacher substitutes. Our supportive PTA has provided a substantial matching grant. In addition, the district will sponsored one staff member from each school to attend the Conference."

Mountain 5/6 grade teacher Merle Rawlings observes, "Attending this conference will give everyone at Mountain a common experience in technology, across all grade levels. Attendance at this Conference will quite literally benefit every student at Mountain for years into the future."

Dr. Gervase added, "At Mountain, we have installed a state of the art computer/technology center using referendum funds to augment the two computers per classroom already in use. With this technology at out fingertips, cutting edge educational/instructional possibilities become a reality. We now encounter the challenge of motivating the staff with a clear vision, learning the technologies, and using the best technologies to foster student learning. We are honored and thrilled to participate in a conference of this caliber right here in our backyard. We will be rubbing shoulders with educators from the worldwide education community. March can’t arrive soon enough!"

Mr. John Foster of the UK, a Co-chairman of ICTE Santa Fe 1998 and a member of the ICTE Governing Board, remarked that "We look forward to welcoming the staff from Mountain School to ICTE Santa Fe 1998. While thousands of teachers have attended ICTE over the years, I believe this is the first time that a school has made a commitment for its entire teaching staff to attend. I must congratulate the Principal, teachers and parents of the children at Mountain School on this commitment. ICTE provides us each year with a unique experience, with educators from so many countries coming together to share problems and solutions, updating on knowledge and techniques and making new contacts and friends. To have the whole staff of a school together at the conference, sharing this experience, I am sure, will create a special dynamic in the school for the future -- and not just in its use of educational technology."

The Los Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos will serve as one of the hosting institutions for the Fifteenth Annual International Conference on Technology and Education. In addition to the Laboratory, other New Mexico-based hosting institutions for ICTE Santa Fe 1998 include the University of New Mexico, located in Albuquerque; the Santa Fe Institute in Santa Fe; New Mexico Highlands University in Las Vegas; and the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in Socorro.

Other ICTE Santa Fe 1998 co-sponsors include the University of Texas at Arlington; The University of London, Institute of Education; The University of Pennsylvania, College of Engineering and Applied Science; Sandia National Labs; the Ibero-American Science and Technology Consortium; The University of Oslo, Norway; Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Technologia of Mexico; Technological Horizons in Education Journal; Apple Computer Inc.; Sun Microsystems, Inc.; and NationsBank.

In addition to the co-sponsoring institutions listed, cooperating organizations for ICTE Santa Fe 1998 include: American Association of School Administrators (USA); Association for the Advancement of International Education (USA); Association for the Advancement of Information Technology (Bangladesh); Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium); Centre for Educational Technology (Israel); Department of Defense Dependents Schools (USA); Ibero-American Network for Informatics in Education (Chile); International Society for Technology in Education (USA); National Centre for Technology Supported Learning (Denmark); National Council for Educational Technology (UK); National School Board Association (USA); New England School Development Council (USA); SchoolNet of Canada, a project of the Canadian federal government; Scottish Council for Educational Technology (Scotland); Scottish Interactive Technology Centre (Scotland); Technology Education Research Center (USA); ULTRALAB APU (UK); U.N.E.S.C.O. (France); The University of Athens (Greece)

Current information and frequent updates on the upcoming ICTE Santa Fe 1998 Conference is maintained at the ICTE Web site at

Recent ICTE Conferences have been held in New Orleans, Louisiana (1996); Orlando, Florida (1995); London, England at the University of London (1994); Cambridge, Massachusetts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1993); Paris, France (1992); Toronto, Canada (1991); Brussels, Belgium (1990); Orlando, Florida (1989); and Edinburgh, Scotland at the University of Edinburgh (1988).

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