ICTE Oslo 1997


The overarching theme, "Changing Practices and Technologies: Decisions Now for the Future" is supported by ten sub-themes. The notes on the sub-themes below are all intended to suggest rather than restrict topics for consideration. Proposals can include, but are not limited to: case studies, theoretical analysis, visions of the future, activist platforms, hands-on activities or any combination of these.

1. Information Technology and Educational Policy
bullettime-lines for change (can I put it off any longer?)
bulletthe economics of sharing resources across an intranet or the Internet
bulletimplementation strategies
bulletmaking the right choices: open environments vs. proprietary systems
bulletplaces to go for advice; case studies of successful and unsuccessful implementation of change

2. Implementation in the Classroom
bulletteaching Information Skills
bullethow do we keep up with change?
bulletgetting around the problems of an under-resourced classroom
bullet"World Standards", assessment, and working on the Internet
bulletcase studies

3. Educational Tools
bulletmultimedia technologies
bulletsoftware interoperability: the economics, benefits, and future of multiplatform applications
bulletcurriculum development: new tools and processes
bulletthe impact of JAVA and other new software language environments: Software that runs on a Mac and a Windows-based PC!
bulletdeveloping and keeping standards

4. Distance and Open Learning
bulletcase studies; links with the world; innovative Norwegian and Scandinavian programs
bulletcollaborative learning via intranets and the Internet
bulletintegrating distance learning into the classroom
bulletnew technologies and distance learning options
bulletpre-service and In-service support: distance training
bulletthe added-value of distance (and openness)

5. Teacher Education
bulletkeeping colleagues up-to-date
bulletcoping with computer-literate students
bulletin-service that practices what it preaches
bulletTeacher Education as a model of a new paradigm of teaching/learning
bulletdecisions that need to be taken and how they get made for the benefit of the system

6. Research Programs
bulletis new practice proving cost-effective?
bulletthe validation of the benefits of change
bulletareas for future enquiry
bulletcase studies of the advantages and disadvantages of distance learning over face-to-face learning

7. Education and the Information Technology Industry
bulletwhat education needs from the industry
bulletwhat the industry would ask of education
bulletthe future of print and software publishing
bulletnetwork computers, the Internet, and education
bulletinteroperability and the realworld: how do we get JAVA-based applications into the classroom?

ICTE Oslo 1997 - Call for Papers.

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