ICTE Tampa Exhibits

Although not a trade show, ICTE conferences make it possible for educational institutions, companies including software and print publishers, equipment manufacturers, and others in education-related areas to display and demonstrate services, as well as  products including hardware and software, to those attending ICTE events. A partial list of exhibitors scheduled for ICTE Tampa follows; please make it a point to visit these exhibitors in the exhibit area at ICTE Tampa. Links to the various exhibitors web sites are included for your convenience in learning more about these organizations and the various services and products that they offer.

MoniVision is dedicated to empowering the world with the perfect display solution. Our mission is to provide the best large screen displays, including 29"-38" high resolution monitors, large format rear projection monitors, and LCD projectors, to provide the most dynamic displays for education, training, video conferencing, public information displays and the flight information industry. With eyes fixed to the future and through honest operational principles, Monivision will never compromise in the quality of its products or its service, keeping the customer our top priority.

Through a special arrangement with the International Conference on Technology and Education, MoniVision is the provider of the monitors in the presentation areas for ICTE Tampa. Those attending ICTE Tampa will see large-screen MoniVision monitors in operation in the various presentations. ICTE expresses our appreciation to MoniVision for this support at ICTE Tampa.

For more information, see www.monivision.com ; see also MoniCare

Senior Systems / Blue Sky Marketing Group Inc.
SeniorSystems is a single database, integrated student information management system that includes four main modules: Admissions, Business Office, Registrar, and Alumni Development. The system is designed for ease of use, and the fully integrated design allows for immediate accessibility of information in all applications once data is entered. Users can take advantage of the sleek, detailed reports provided in each module, or utllize the Quest Report Writer which enables users to create queries and reports, and produce graphs and charts, with point click simplicity. A project manager will assist you through your software transition phase and train your staff on-site. Add-on modules or customization is also available to serve your school's precise needs.
For more information, see www.bsmginc.com

DDC Publishing
DDC Publishing offers a wide range of computer textbooks, reference materials, and CD-ROM's, including over 60 Microsoft titles, a new Programming and Design series, sixteen MOUS-approved DDC courseware titles, and a series of software tests that are correlated to the DDC Learning Series books. DDC Publishing also offers a unique series of down-loadable E-Lessons; purchase downloadable E-Lessons from the DDC One-Day Course series, and start training your class or learning on your own. For more information, see www.ddcpub.com ; also see list of E-Lessons

Southwestern / Thomson Learning
"Changing the way the world learns" -- Southwestern Educational Publishing offers an extensive line of instructional materials in disciplines that include: Accounting/Business; Computer Education; English Literature; Keyboarding & Office Technology; Math; Science; and Social Studies.
For more information, see www.swep.com ; see also the Software Showcase

University of Sarasota, College of Education
The University of Sarasota is a private post-secondary institution dedicated to meeting the educational needs of working professionals. Established in 1969, the University offers masters, specialist and doctoral degrees in education, behavioral sciences, and business through a mixture of distance-learning and in-residence courses, and bachelor’s degrees via more traditional approaches. With approximately 1,200 alumni throughout the United States and in foreign countries, the University’s current enrollment has grown to almost 1,600 students from 49 states, three territories, and 30 countries. The distance education delivery format integrated into the programs allows students locally, nationally and internationally to achieve their educational and professional goals.
For more information, see www.sarasota.edu ; see also California Campus

H45 Technology
The QuickPAD is a simple, durable word processor. It operates on four AA batteries for up to 400 hours or 3 months, and can hold up to 250 separate named files in ten folders. All text is automatically saved in the QuickPAD and files are easily transferred to any writing application in either a PC or a Mac with just one keystroke. Using QuickPAD's infrared technology, you simply point and send. No more cumbersome cables to hook up. Simple, durable, and powerful, the QuickPAD is technology that is right for today's classroom.
For more information, see www.h45.com

NTS Computer Systems
DreamWriter® portable computers and the Rol-A-Lab®: Imagine wireless communication and students learning any time, anywhere augmentred by mobile computer labs. NTS is the leading provider of portable technology tools for education with models as affordable as $175 per unit. Class Sets of up to 30 DreamWriters are availalble in the Rol-A-Lab module storage and recharging cabinet, designed to provide easy management and security. Come and see the latest DreamWriter models -- portable network-ready, complete with web browsing and a full suite of education applications.
For more information, see nts.dreamwriter.com ; see also DreamWriter and Rol-A-Lab

Launch USA, Inc.
Launch-EDU, a PC network package developed by Launch USA, will maximize the productivity fo technology coordinators by eliminating common problems they encounter and by helping them maintain PC computers in an efficient manner. The Launch-EDU software solution simplifies the way one administers, troubleshoots, monitors, and secures a PC network. This is accomplished through a unique, all-encompassing software product that is easy to install and operate. Launch-EDU features Desktop Security, 24/7 reporting of all PC activities, Student/Internet Monitoring in real time, and Network Administration that can remotely troubleshoot, run maintenance routines, and diagnostics on all client PC's in the network. The Network Administration also features the ability to remotely distribute software, drivers, applications, and registry entries. Launch-EDU is being followed by a further enhanced PC network software package called Avatar, which will be available in the Fall of 1999. Come by our exhibit at the ICTE Tampa 1999 conference for further information and a demonstration.
For more information, see www.launcher.com

Booker T. Washington Middle Magnet School
for International Studies and Technology
Booker T. Washington is a unique institution in central Tampa. The school's goal is  developing mature thinkers who are able to acquire and use knowledge as they work actively to integrate new information with what they already know.  The school's teachers use the framework of global studies and world languages to provide students with both creative and critical thinking skills and strategies.  Teachers and students collaborate and learn together as they utilize technology as a tool for learning. Booker T. Washington Middle Magnet School for International Studies holds the coveted title of Magnet School of America.  The school is supported by many stakeholders -- Parent Teacher Association, Student Association, Parent Booster Club, business partnerships, School Advisory Council, parents, and community.  The stakeholders want all of the students to have successful learning experiences, and are committed to supporting a high quality instructional program designed to ensure that students are prepared for leadership in the new millennium.
For more information, see

State of Florida, Department of Management Services
More than just long distance, SUNCOM provides Florida educational institutions cutting edge information technology products and services including: Telecommunicatins infrastructure, Router Transport Services (RTS), Dedicated and Fractional T-1, SNA Transport Service, Capital Center Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) (Tallahassee only), Frame Relay Transport Service, Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), Applications Development, Internet Services, Video Conferencing, and more. Best of all, since we are an agency of State government, there's never a need to bid. To learn more about how SUNCOM can benefit your organization, call 1-888-4-SUNCOM.
See also www.state.fl.us

Technological Horizons in Education Journal
Technological Horizons in Education Journal (T.H.E. Journal) is a well known monthly magazine published in the US for educators, addressing a wide range of topics in uses of technology in education.  In addition to the magazine, T.H.E. Institute offers Online Professional Development Courses.  The Journal web site offers numerous other online  information resources for educators.
For more information, see THE Journal

New Intelligence Inc.
TRAC Structures for Learning (TRAC SL) provides a carefully managed, comprehensive learning experience when used with one or more of the Instructional Content modules from New Intelligence Inc. TRAC SL is included without charge with all New Intelligence instructional content modules, including Interactive American History, Outstanding African-Americans, and Outstanding Hispanic-Americans.
For more information, see www.newintel.com

Florida State University
(To be updated...)


... watch this page for more ICTE Tampa exhibitor listings.

Exhibits will run from 8:30 AM through 4:30 PM on Monday and Tuesday, and from 8:30 AM through 3:00 PM on Wednesday.

IF YOU OR YOUR COMPANY WISH TO EXHIBIT, several exhibit spaces are still available. For more information, contact the ICTE Conference Secretariat at Tel. (817) 534-1220, or by fax at (817) 534-0096, or by e-mail at icte@icte.org


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